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These heroically helpful tips may give you the edge you need to beat the baddies and save Metropolis in the DC Super Hero Girls™: Teen Power game, exclusively for Nintendo Switch systems.


Exploring Metropolis

You can adventure through the city as your teenage alter ego! You can stop in Hob's Bay to rebuild the area according to your style, and complete side quests to unlock trucks and awnings to help the cause. As you keep building, bounce your way up to rooftops, discover hamster plushies, and take on additional side quests to earn even more abilities and outfits for your character.

Replaying missions

Rematch mode allows you to replay previous missions. So if you’re having trouble with an enemy, try coming back after upgrading your characters. After a few side missions and upgrades, your next battle might be even more epic than the one before!


Powering up

Unlocking skills gives you different combat options, so try and tackle those upgrades first. You should then focus on increasing HP and Smash to help your Super Hero be ready for any battle that comes their way!


Combat abilities

Combat abilities like Smash Attacks can be performed with the R Button skill. By pressing the R button at the end of a combo, you can dish out extra damage to faraway enemies.


Hob’s Bay

As your adventure through Metropolis continues, you'll unlock more buildings to construct in Hob's Bay. Check in with the NaviBot to see where the new buildings can be placed, and you’ll even be able to unlock new outfits for all six characters!



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ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Cartoon Violence