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Stumped by tricky traps and lost Toads? Here are five helpful hints to help you make it to the top in the multiplayer ScareScraper mode in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 game.


Tricky traps 

Traps like trick doors, sneaky rugs, and fake wardrobes can stop you in your tracks. These traps can be tough to spot, but here are a few hints to help. First, you can try to avoid doors without doormats. Second, you can try to walk around rugs that have one peeled-back corner. Third, if you come across a wardrobe, you can first use a Suction Shot to make sure it’s not a trap!


TV teleporters

TVs can be found throughout ScareScraper and are great ways to quickly get from one end of a floor to another end. If all the rooms around a TV have been explored, then it might be best to avoid using the TV, so time isn’t wasted. Only Luigi and Gooigi can go through TVs, so Toad unfortunately can’t follow them through.


 Total teamwork

If you spot a green circle on your map, it means there’s a platform in the room—and a locked door, too. The door can be opened if your whole team and your Googis are standing on it at the same time. You can let your teammates know you need their help by sending an in-game “Over here!” message.


Dark Light

You can use the Dark Light device on your trusty Poltergust G-00 to help you discover hidden objects in the ScareScraper, just like in the main story. This rainbow-colored light can reveal invisible objects like furniture, power-ups, and in-game money. You can even use the Dark Light to help you find doors to hidden rooms!


Rare ghosts

Rare Ghosts are special ghosts with special powers—and you can only find these ghosts in ScareScraper mode. They appear only on floor 5 in 10 floor ScareScrapers and on floors 5, 10, and 15 in 20 floor ScareScrapers. Rare Ghosts are difficult to catch but capturing them gets you one step closer to completing E. Gadd’s Gallery.


Part 1 and Part 2 of Luigi's Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack paid DLC are now available to play following purchase of the DLC. The paid DLC adds new themed floors, new themed ghosts, and new costumes for Luigi (which may help tell players apart when playing with others). You can visit the official site for more information about the game. ). Some of the visuals in this article show gameplay from the paid DLC; you can experience the paid DLC content if you play online* with another player who has the paid DLC.


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