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Don’t know a Deku Nut from a Bombchu? Don’t let that stop you from jumping into The Legend of Zelda series. Check out the tips and tidbits below to help you get started in these awesome games.



1. Each game in the Legend of Zelda series is an adventure.

Some games are all about a certain type of gameplay, like racing. Adventure games let you try a lot of different things. You can run, fight, swing on a rope, fly, ride a horse, swim, sail, roll, lift boulders, climb a ladder, chase livestock, sidle along a tiny ledge, hang-glide with a leaf, etc. Most of all, though, you EXPLORE.


2. Each game offers familiar characters in a unique, stand-alone story.

Yes, you (almost) always play as Link, but you can play the games in any order—and each of them is pretty different for various reasons. Pick whichever one you want, and start your adventure!


3. Figuring things out is satisfying and fun.

Sure, there are swords and magic and monsters and plenty of action in The Legend of Zelda, but you also get to solve puzzles. You could even look at the games themselves as big puzzles: How do I get down there? How do I defeat this powerful boss?  What happens when I do this? Keep trying stuff, and the solution will come to you.


4. There are many interesting characters to talk to.

You’ll learn a lot of important information just from talking to people in the street or field or…mountain. They rarely waste your time. When they do waste your time, it’s usually pretty funny.


5. It’s all about the items.

You pick up quite a collection of cool items in The Legend of Zelda games—stuff like bombs, a Hookshot (a mechanical grappling hook), a bow, etc . When you get stuck in a game, you just check your inventory. More often than not you’ll discover that “There’s an item for that!”