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Super-stylish tips that can help you run your business like a boss in the Style Savvy: Fashion Forward game.


Your fashion empire begins with your boutique, where you set the styles and sell the looks.

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward lets you create your fashion dynasty with a bustling boutique, a reputation as a rising star, and a style that inspires the entire city to dress for success.


The styles they love


Each client has her own unique style, and it’s up to the player to figure out how to satisfy those fashion needs. If she’s dressed head-to-toe in the Goth style and asking about a new skirt, you can search your stock for a skirt from the in-game brand Raven Candle (the goth-iest brand in town).


 Social butterfly


 You can hit the streets of Beaumonde City to meet new friends, catch up on gossip, and show off your latest look. Some of these characters are just waiting to give you new in-game items, like miniatures you can use to decorate your room at Caprice Chalet.  


Fashion risks 


Fashion—and fashion video games—are all about taking risks. You can mix different brands, colors, and patterns to create an inspired look for a client. Sure, she may walk out the door. But there’s a chance she’ll adore her new look and ask you to put together a full outfit!


Daily shopping


 The Exhibition Hall is like a giant candy store for fashionistas. You can visit at any time to get clothing items and accessories to stock your boutique. Different brands and items are available every day, so daily shopping trips to the Exhibition Hall can be as exciting as they are profitable.


On display


Your boutique has a front-row seat on the Avenue, the most fashionable street in town. You can try to catch the eye of window shoppers with an impeccably styled window display, complete with a customizable mannequin. If a client likes what she sees, she may want every item on display.


Bonus Tip!


Once you’ve started building your fashion empire as a Boutique manager, you can choose to take on different roles in the industry with an additional four fabulous careers: Hairstylist, Makeup artist, Designer, and Model.


For more info about Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, you can visit the official site.

ESRB Rating: Everyone