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Lots of new tools, parts, and features have been added to the Super Mario Maker 2 game to help you build even cooler courses. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks from the experts!


Speeding things up—or slowing them down

Normally, the screen will scroll to match Mario’s movement through the course. But if you turn on the autoscroll feature, the screen scrolls automatically—which means Mario can’t stand in one spot for too long! The custom scroll tool lets you freely set points for adjustment to give each section its own speed, and you can lead the player where you want.


What’s that sound?

You can add a layer of drama, excitement, or silliness to your course with sound effects. Some of the sound effects are from Super Mario games, while others are totally random—like a pig! To turn on sound effects, you can tap the Soundfrog icon in the upper-left corner. Then you can use the magnifying glass icon to open the parts menu, where you’ll find all the sound effects that are available for the selected game style.



Want to mix things up even more? You can use the Moon to swap to the nighttime version of the original four themes. Under Enemies, you can select Angry Sun and place it on your course, then tap and hold to get the Moon option. The background will change from day to night! Some parts may behave differently at night. You’ll hear new music at night, too. To unlock night themes, all you have to do is use it for the first time.


Two-item combos

When a player hits an ON/OFF Switch, the red and blue blocks will swap. You can use these sneaky switches to set up traps. You can even combine two items in a cool way. For example, you can create two conveyor belts, then connect an ON/OFF Switch to make a puzzling challenge for the player. When the switch is hit, the conveyor belt changes direction. Talk about a trick combo!


Cat Mario in the house

There are things you can do in the style of Super Mario 3D World that you can’t do in any other style! For instance, you can add the Super Bell item, which turns Mario into Cat Mario. You can also add walls, trees, and semi-solid platforms for Cat Mario to climb. To learn more about Cat Mario’s moves—like Climb wall, Scratch, Slide, and Lunge—you can visit Yamamuro’s Dojo in the game to see a tutorial.


Bonus tip

You can pin a favorite item to the parts palette at the top of the screen, keeping it there no matter what else you use. This can be helpful if you know you’re going to use a certain item a lot while building a course! To pin it, you can select and hold a part on the palette for a few moments.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence