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Here are some helpful tips and tricks for five different modes in the Super Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch system.



Rolling the dice in Mario Party mode

In the four-player* Mario Party mode, players take turns rolling dice and racing across the game board. You can add an extra level of strategy to the game by rolling with your character’s own specific Dice Block instead of a regular Dice Block. For example, Bowser has a high-risk, high-reward Dice Block—you might roll a 10 or lose 3 coins. Be sure to choose a character that suits your play style. Here’s another tip: Ally characters can help you out by sharing their Dice Block, giving you extra spaces during your turn, and assisting you in Team Minigames.



Talking the talk in Partner Party mode

Players need good communication skills to win Partner Party, a 2 vs. 2 version of the classic Mario Party board game mode (see above). At the start of each turn, you and your partner roll your Dice Blocks at the same time. The combined total of both rolls determines how many spaces you and your teammate can move for that turn. Here’s where those communication skills come into play! You and your partner can work out a route to certain spots like the Star Space, Event Space, and Item Space which require the player to land exactly on that space to get the item.



Working together in River Survival mode

Every second counts as you and your team race to finish the winding river course and the goal at the end of the river in River Survival mode. Paddling the in-game raft takes a certain kind of skill. All four players need to work together to paddle as one. If the right-side players row, the boat turns left. If the left-side players row, the boat turns right. You can paddle together as a team to aim for red balloons along the river to trigger Co-op Minigames. The faster your team wins the minigames, the more time you’ll get to finish the course.



Hitting the beat in Sound Stage mode

Rhythm is the name of the game in Sound Stage mode. Up to four players** can shake their Joy-Con controller and get their bodies grooving in hip-shaking rhythm-based minigames. Here’s a hot tip: Listen up! You need to pay close attention to the music to hit the right beat. And hitting the right beat is a great way to gain the most points in this mode’s Rhythm Minigames.



Banking shots in Toad’s Rec Room mode

Toad’s Rec Room** is a multiplayer mode that lets you pair up two Nintendo Switch systems (sold separately) for a cool tabletop gaming experience. In the minigame Shell Shocked Deluxe, which is exclusive to this mode, you can battle in-game tanks in custom arenas as they travel between two Nintendo Switch screens. Here’s the tip: If your opponent is hiding behind a Warp Pipe, you can bounce your shot off a wall to hit them!



*Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode; sold separately.

**Additional games and systems required; sold separately.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence