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Here are our ultimate tips to smash the competition in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game for the Nintendo Switch system. 



Directional Air Dodge

Your goal in the game is to…well…smash your opponents. But they’re trying to smash you too, which is why the first advanced technique on this list is the Directional Air Dodge. While you’re in the air, you can press the shield button while moving the left stick in any direction to execute a graceful dodge in that direction.



Short-Hop Attack

Pressing the A Button will perform standard attacks like punches. Not too flashy, but every bit helps. However, you can press the A Button and the jump button at the same time to hop a short distance off the ground and perform an aerial attack. Flashy!


Perfect Shield

Let’s get back to your defensive game! You can try and release the shield button before you’re hit to pull off the perfect shield. Why is it perfect? Because this advanced technique completely nullifies attacks…if it’s done right, of course.


Damage difference

When you’re in a one-on-one battle, you deal and receive more damage than you do in group fights of three or more players*. The furious pace of these battles makes them more intense as you focus on only one opponent.


Who’s on top?

The fighter with the most points will sometimes flash with light for a short time in timed battles. You can try to keep an eye out to see who’s in the lead and act fast to gain the upper hand!



The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game is now available for the Nintendo Switch system. For more information about the game, you can visit the official site.


*Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode; sold separately.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, Suggestive Themes