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Play Nintendo’s top five tips and tricks for Team Kirby Clash, a fast-moving mode for up to four players in the Kirby: Planet Robobot game.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence

These tips and tricks may help your team work better together to defeat tough bosses, gain experience, and level up your heroes!

You can team up with three friends to wirelessly play Team Kirby Clash via Download Play. For that to happen, each player would need their own Nintendo 3DS system, and only one player would need  the game. Or, one player can team up with three computer-controlled players.


#1: Special moves


There are four roles to choose from: Hammer Lord, Sword Hero, Dr. Healmore, or Beam Mage. Each of these heroes has its own special attacks, like Hammer Lord’s Hammer Flip (more on that move later!). Before choosing a role, you can press START to check out each one’s move list. That way, you can try to find a role that fits your play style.


#2: Time Beam


If you play as Beam Mage, you can use your Time Beam to stop enemies in their tracks. Once they’re frozen in time, you can blast a bunch of baddies in a row! To completely stop time, hit an enemy with the Time Beam until you fill up the clock that appears above the enemies’ head!

#3: Healing Area


Even the most powerful heroes need an occasional time-out. Dr. Healmore can create a Healing Area where players can take a quick break and recover some health. As a matter of fact, all four team members—including Dr. Healmore—can stand in the Healing Area at the same time.


Tip #4: Hero Shield


If you take the role of Sword Hero, here’s a special hint: you can use your Hero Shield to help keep your teammates out of harm’s way. This special move creates a protective dome to shield your allies—and yourself as well!


Tip #5: Hammer Flip


Hammer Lord has an incredibly powerful attack—the Hammer Flip. You can press up on the direction pad and hold the B Button to charge up Hammer Lord’s Hammer Flip. Then you can unleash this move to deal serious damage to your enemies!


Bonus tip!

There are four roles to choose from in Team Kirby Clash, but you don’t need three other players to join you. You can pick your favorite hero, then let CPUs (computer-controlled players) take care of the rest!


For more information about the game, you can visit the official site.

Additional systems and games are required for multiplayer mode. Game and system sold separately.