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You can find helpful hints on exploring the world, using different abilities, battling enemies, and more in the Paper Mario: The Origami King game for the Nintendo Switch system.


 Exploring a paper-crafted world

It’s a big wide world out there—with collectibles hidden around every corner! You can leave no page unturned as you guide Mario and Olivia through the paper-crafted kingdom. You can use Mario’s hammer to whack any object or surface that looks suspicious. You might reveal hidden treasure, items, and missing Toads.


Reaching for victory

Mario acquires the 1,000-Fold Arms ability early in his adventures, which is good because it comes in pretty handy! Once the Arms have been activated, you can peel away pieces of the environment to create new pathways forward. Mario can also activate the Arms to deal big damage during boss battles.


Elemental bosses

You might want to take extra care when battling towering elemental bosses known as Vellumentals. These origami bosses will test your mastery of the skills honed during ring battles with regular enemies. If you think you’ll need a little help defeating a Vellumantal, you can turn to Olivia for advice, pay the Toads to cheer for you, and look for hints on the battlefield in the form of envelopes.


Ring around the Goombas

Before taking your first turn in a regular battle, you can use a limited number of Ring Moves to arrange enemies. Depending on the layout of the enemies, you can choose to attack with either Boots (attack all enemies in a straight line) or Hammer (hit a square of 2-by-2 spaces in front). If you time button presses when attacking and defending, you can deal more or receive less damage.


Trouble in Toad Town

Wherever Mario goes, he’ll find Toads hidden in holes, under rocks, and disguised like origami creatures like bugs and butterflies. You can try to discover them to help restore Toad Town to its former glory! Plus, the more Toads you rescue, the more will come to your aid when you ask them to Cheer for you during battles. Can you find the hidden Toad in the picture above? (Hint: check the wood pile!)


 ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence