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Design in style with a little help from Lottie!


ESRB Rating: Everyone 


Lottie is a real hot shot around Nook’s Homes, the best home-design business in town.

She's put together a list of her favorite tips for new designers to help get the most out of the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game!



Take a look at the book

Each new employee gets a copy of the Happy Home Handbook, which offers a free lesson in how to decorate ceilings. Unlock more home-design lessons using Play Coins from your Nintendo 3DS.



Challenge yourself

Join other players worldwide in the Happy Home Challenge. You can decorate a building with a given theme, then vote for your favorite designs—maybe someone will vote for yours too!



Dress for success

You work for Nook’s Homes now, so you need to dress the part in your bright red Nook’s Homes uniform. But you can change your own clothes (and villagers’ clothes too!) when visiting facilities or homes.



SpotPass for special requests

Ready for a new challenge? Just head up to the second floor of Nook’s Homes! Use the blue Nintendo 3DS system there to receive design requests from special characters who don’t usually appear in the game.  



Think outside the box

We all know what a typical school looks like. But there’s nothing typical about Animal Crossing, so get creative with your designs. Why not turn that school into a beach resort for students? (Or, you know, something just as wild!)


For more information about the game, you can visit the official site.