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You can try to improve your motion-control skills in the Nintendo Switch Sports game with these helpful tips and tricks. In this article, there is a tip for each of the seven sports: Golf*, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Chambara, Badminton, and Bowling. You can keep reading to learn more about this fun and exciting sports game!


How does wind affect my shot in Golf?

Even a gentle breeze can nudge your golf ball off its intended path. The wind meter tells you how hard the wind is blowing. You can use this information to adjust your shot accordingly. Bonus tip: The higher the ball, the more affected it is by the wind. You can keep that in mind when using wedges or irons, which tend to hit high.


How do I perform a faster serve in Tennis?

To do a faster serve, your character should smack the ball when it’s at its highest point in the air. The trick is to start your swing a little early so there’s enough time for the racket to meet the ball. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get it down at first: It will take some practice!


What are the differences between the swords in Chambara?

There are three different weapons when you start a match: Sword, Charge Sword, and Twin Swords. You may be thinking that Twin Swords will always win, but not so! The normal Sword has the most powerful strike, Charge Swords can unleash powerful Charge Strikes after some careful guarding, and Twin Swords have a Spinning Strike move. You can try out all three options to see which one you like the most.


How can we play as a team in Soccer?

In a Four-on-Four match, you can pass to your teammates by holding ZR while kicking. Also, you can use your minimap to see where your teammates, opponents, and the ball are. Oftentimes, you’ll want to be where the ball ends up and not where it currently is. 

If no one is guarding your goal, you can try falling back and be a goalie for a bit. Sometimes the best defense is a good…defense.


How do I take smash shots in Badminton?

To perform a fast smash shot, you can gently swing downward when the shuttlecock (sometimes known as a birdie) has just started to dip down from its highest point in the air. After you get the hang of that, you can try the Drop Shot by holding either the ZR or ZL Buttons and gently swinging. These two types of shots will come in handy—alternate between smashes and drop shots to keep your opponent guessing.


How can I move my character around Bowling?

Last but not least, here is a tip on Bowling: You can move/rotate your character before you bowl (check the button prompts on the bottom of the screen). Also, you can try gently rotating your wrist towards your body before the ball releases to put some spin on it. It may take some getting used to, but it just takes a lot of practice, practice, practice!


*Software update required.

Be aware of your surroundings. Wear wrist straps and allow adequate room around you during game play.
Leg Strap accessory required for some Soccer game play.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Mild Violence