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Looking for helpful hints on how to power-up Mario and friends, defeat Fury Bowser, and save the day? You can turn to these tips & tricks for both Mario adventures in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury game!


Picking your player character

Each character has their own distinct abilities: Mario is balanced, Luigi can jump really high, Princess Peach can briefly float, and Toad is a great dasher. You can also find their Character Switches throughout the Sprixie Kingdom. If you miss out on any of them, you can always replay the level with a different character to activate them and unlock hidden secrets.


Powerful power-ups

Power-ups are not only fun, they can be incredibly helpful, too! With the Double Cherry, you may end up controlling several character copies at once. If things become too chaotic, you can try to find a wall or corner to gather the crowd and move as one. And if you fail a level multiple times, not to worry! A golden block will eventually appear giving you the powerful White Tanooki form.


Multiplayer match-ups

If you're playing with friends locally* or online**, you can make it a little competitive. For instance, you can try to earn points by collecting coins, Green Stars, and power-ups -- and even defeating enemies! The player with the most points earns the crown. FYI, the crown can get stolen with a Ground Pound or getting hit by an enemy, so you may want to keep an eye out!


Cat’s-eye view

Lighthouses are not only a source of light to clear out splotchy goop, they also make great lookout spots! You can get up high and use the Right Control Stick to take a look around. You might spot something you couldn’t have seen from ground level.


Busting blocks

If you’re having trouble breaking some blocks, you can always turn to…Fury Bowser?! It’s true! You can try using Fury Bowser's powerful attacks to clear out stubborn blocks. Because breaking blocks can be fun – and there might be something hiding inside them!


Bonus tip: Snapshot Mode

You can take snapshots of your favorite gameplay moments with Snapshot Mode! This mode can be accessed at any time during any adventure by pressing the down Directional Button on the Joy-Con controller (or down +Control Pad on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller). Stamps can only be earned in the Super Mario 3D World adventure, but you can place them in any scene in either adventure.


*Additional games, systems and/or accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Games, systems and some accessories sold separately.

** Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence