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Wario helped us come up with a few tips on how to unlock even more microgame fun in the WarioWare Gold game.



You want coins? Who’s doesn’t!

If you’re desperate for in-game currency, you can try to complete missions throughout the game. You know, missions like clearing certain levels with a certain amount of lives. Complete the mission and you’ll earn gold coins as a prize.




Wario’s tip: Want to succeed in life? Grow an amazing mustache!


More coins?! YES!

The first surprise to come after the game’s main story are the challenges. To earn coins, you can take on this mish-mash of microgames with mixed up controls. The first set of challenges is simple: you can choose a play style at high speed, with only one chance, or with everything all mixed up.




Wario’s micro-tip: The best thing to have with you on a desert island is lots of denim. It’s true!


Coins. Toys. Souvenirs. Want.

Do you like stuff? Well, guest what. The coins you’ve been collecting aren’t just for hoarding. You can use them to win all sorts of prizes and toys in the in-game arcade. For a certain amount of in-game coins, you can give the Capsule Machine a spin.




Wario’s micro-tip: You can replay story sections and try to get high scores to earn yourself some scratch.


Got all those souvenirs? Good.

If you collect all of the souvenirs from the arcade, you’ll unlock something really special. Well, kind of special. It’s Wario’s own virtual card game, WarioKard! You can earn more cards through the Shuffler, which can help you unlock not-so-common cards.




Wario’s micro-tip: Always wax your moustache before a WarioKard battle!


Enough with the cards already!

Okay, okay. Last tip! You can scan compatible amiibo figures (sold separately) to see Wario draw the characters for you, and somehow manage to earn coins in the process. Go figure!




Wario’s micro-tip: Is garlic gross and smelly? Wrong! It’s perfect.


The WarioWare Gold game is now available for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. For more information on the game, you can visit the official site.

Game in 2D.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Cartoon Violence, Crude Humor