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Gera Gera Resort in the YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters game is packed with attractions…but it’s not without its troubles. Ready to take the grand tour?

Riding the Hexpress


You can hop onboard this spooky train that only appears at night (so no one sees it) and travel to the new Gera Gera Resort. All manner of Yo-kai mischief plagues the resort, starting with a missing brake handle on the Hexpress, which navigates to and around the resort. Once that brake problem is solved, you can explore the park’s main areas.


Visiting an “un”amusement park


The amusement park heart of Gera Gera Resort, Gera Gera Land has all the rides and attractions a Yo-kai could want…if a Yo-kai would want broken rides and attractions. It seems that the power is out and nothing is running. Can’t someone flip a switch or something? There are treasure chests to find and Yo-kai to battle—let’s get things moving!


Soaking away your troubles


So relaxing. So soothing. If only they were open. Ahhhh, the hot springs at Paradise Springs. Turns out the baths aren’t even filled, and the bath passes are missing. What’s with this place? For a vacation destination, there sure is a lot of work involved.


Filling up at Wolfit Down


Hungry? The Wolfit Down restaurant is a fine place to eat. A real four-star establishment if you don’t mind sneaking past patrolling Gargaros chefs and battling feisty Yo-kai. Fortunately, there are treasure chests with valuable in-game items hidden in the eatery to make it worth the trouble of visiting.


Taking in some culture


The Kabuking puts on a great show, but he’s going to need a little help for the next performance. There’s a stage to set up and actors to motivate and… Say, how would you like a starring role in the production? Oh! And here’s a helpful hint for tourists: There are doorways to the basement of the Kaibuki Theater in each of the other three areas of the resort. Find all the doorways for quick travel throughout the park.


You can learn more about the game at the official site.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence