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You can team up with up to 3 other friends* to complete various objectives in the YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: Red Cat Corps and YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: White Dog Squad games.



Teamwork is key to victory

Yo-kai fall into four different Battle Roles, which have different functions in a team.

  • Fighter: All about offense
  • Tank: Can take a lot of hits for the team
  • Healer: Helps restore health
  • Ranger: Inflicts status effects on enemies

You can mix and match Yo-kai with various Battle Roles to form your very own Blasters team. To pick your team members, you can talk to Happierre on the third floor of the Blasters House.



Soultimate Moves are vital

Every Yo-kai has their very own Soultimate Move. They can bestow a lot of damage or instigate helpful effects that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. You can try to build up your Soultimate Move meter during battle and touch the icon to unleash it at just the right moment!



You can make friends of enemies

Some Yo-kai you defeat in missions can be befriended. If the Yo-kai you defeat appear with a ring around them, you can approach them and press A before the timer runs out. Then, you can play a short mini-game where you collect hearts around the ring. If you succeed, the Yo-kai will join you at the end of the mission.



Teaming up for rare items

You can play YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: Red Cat Corps or YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: White Dog Squad alone or with up to 3 friends*. If you do complete missions with your friends, the drop rate for rare items will increase! The version your friends play with can affect the type of drop item as well.



Powering up with equipment

You can gather Oni Orbs and items from completing missions. If you take these to the second floor of the Blasters House, you can create equipment to customize and strengthen your team.



*Additional games and systems required for multiplayer mode; sold separately.

YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: Red Cat Corps ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence

YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: White Dog Squad ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence

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