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You can flutter-jump into fun with these helpful tips and tricks for the Yoshi’s Crafted World game, available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.



Yoshis can play dress-up


Each of Yoshi’s colorful Yoshi friends can wear their own costume in their own color. Costumes don’t just look cool—they also act as armor to protect Yoshi. The rarer the costume, the more hits Yoshi can take before he starts to lose health.


On the lookout for Poochy Pups


On the Flip-Side of a stage, Yoshi is on a grand hunt for Poochy Pups. Can you find all three hidden Poochy Pups in each of these backward levels? Here’s a hint to help: the pups bark when you get close!


Things are a little breezier in Mellow Mode


In Mellow Mode, Yoshi can flutter over enemies and obstacles on a cute little pair of wings. It’s a more relaxed experience, giving you a chance to focus on collecting items, exploring hidden areas, or avoiding Shy Guys! You can select Mellow Mode in the menu at any time.


What color’s your egg?


Sometimes Yoshi has different colored eggs: Green, Yellow, Red, and Teal. Some of ricochet more times than others when bouncing off things for a sweet trick shot.


Helpful characters


If you aren’t sure where to go next, you can try throwing eggs at different things in the stage. You never know when one might reveal a path!


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence