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Nintendo Switch parental controls

Some families rely on household rules to manage their gaming experiences and don’t feel the need for strict controls. For families who prefer a more controlled environment, you can set restrictions on the Nintendo Switch system or with the more extensive Nintendo Switch Parental Controls smart device app. Keep reading to learn how to manage parental controls for the Nintendo Switch system.

Nintendo Account and internet connection required to use the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app. Data charges may apply.


Set family rules with the mobile app


You can set gaming restrictions via your smart device with the free Nintendo Switch Parental Controls mobile app. Watch the video below to learn more.

Download the free Nintendo Switch Parental Controls mobile app below. Follow the directions in the app to sync it with your system and your Nintendo Account. Learn how to create a Nintendo Account here.


Determine the guidelines that work for your family


With the parental controls app, you have the power to set the guidelines that work for your family. You can use the app to set restrictions on:

  • Which games they can play
  • How long and how late they can play
  • Posting on screenshots and videos taken on Nintendo Switch to social media
  • …and more

A parent or guardian can access account-specific parental controls for supervised accounts via their Nintendo Account settings or by clicking to their account from the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls mobile app. The full list of possible restrictions can be found here. You can also set restrictions on who can make Nintendo eShop purchases via your Nintendo Account settings.